Gun, 2008 by Robert Lazzarini. Skewed 3D Sculptures.
Ida Ekblad
Amanda Ross-Ho
Water sculpture #1, 2009 by Shinichi Maruyama.
Mirage, 2011 by Katie Grinnan.
The Last 51 Years of Art History Represented by 51 Seconds of Battlestar Galactica Season 4 Episode 18, 2009 by John Michael Boling. Video here.
so much flex, 2014 by Claudia Pag├Ęs Rabal. HD mono-channel video, audio and color 26'12''
Things to Come, 2014 by Aleksandra Domanovic.
The IndaPlant Project: An Act of Trans-Species Giving, 2013 by Elizabeth Demaray. "This is the first test run for the first ever floraborg. Our first IndaPlant, a robotic support that allows houseplants to freely seek sunlight and water, is up and running."
Lonely Arm, 2013 by Olga Balema.
Digesting, Creating, Becoming, 2014 by Anne Speier.
Untitled (Car Sun Shade), 2014 by Esther Miquel.
Tikker, The Happiness Watch, 2013. Tikker was founded by Fredrik Colting. The death watch that counts down your life.
Improving, Non-Stop, 2011 by Faith Holland.
Horizont, 2010 by Stas Chepurnov.
Here and There, 2013 by Maya Lin Studio.
Sculptures by Yang Maoyuan.
Untitled (Solar Sound Waves), 2013 by Esther Miquel.
BONDAGEPISS, 2011 by Dean Sameshima.
OM/ONE by Om Audio. The world's first levitating bluetooth speaker.