Dancers, by Sára Iványi.
LEG#1; ARM#1, 2013 and FEET#1, 2013 by Pennacchio Argentato. Carbon-Kevlar and Resin.
Nancy Lupo
HANG HARDER, 2012 by Lena Henke.
There must be Something Really Really Good at the End of a Really Really Long Queue, 2014 by Kray Chen Kerui.
Catcerto, 2009 by Mindaugas Piečaitis. Catcerto for Nora The Piano Cat and orchestra, where Nora, the soloist, was brought in via video.
Social Pool, 2014 by Alfredo Barsuglia. An eleven-by-five-feet wide pool in the Southern California desert, open for anybody to use.
Perpetual Threshold, 2011 by Sterling Crispin.
Decoding Scape, 2012 by Lee Jeong Lok.
Simon Beck
Brain to Brain interface, 2014 by Anne de Vries.
On the nature of halogen light, 2013 by Joe Hamilton. Video HERE.
Monument, 2011 by Katie Torn.
Tub, 2013 by Sam Anderson.
Still Life project, 2006 (installation view) by Anna Orlikowska.

Relax (Grey) and Relax (Blue), 2004 by Jospehine Pryde.
Brutalismo, 2014 by Marlon de Azambuja.
Unhappily Ever After by Jeff Hong.
Ice Books, 2007 (Río Grande, Albuquerque, New Mexico, 2009) by Basia Irland. River water is frozen, carved into the form of a book, embedded with an "ecological language" or "riparian text" consisting of local native seeds, and placed back into the stream. The seeds are released as the ice melts in the current.
Psychylustro, 2014 by Katharina Grosse. A temporary installation designed for Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor that transforms a major transportation thoroughfare with a series of seven bright, bold installations along Philadelphia’s rail gateway.
Yuanmingyuan 3D, 2014 by Oliver Laric. These are 3D scans of marble columns from the Old Summer Palace in Beijing. The columns were scanned at the KODE Art Museums of Bergen in Norway, where they are currently on display. The 3D models can be downloaded and used without copyright restrictions.