Paint Your Pizza, 2013 by Jonas Lund.
From "Used & New" exhibition, 2014 by Amalia Ulman.
EUROPIUM, 2014 by Iain Ball.
Three Transitions, 1973 by Peter Campus.
Cups of Coffee Table, 2013 by Ry Rocklen. Trophy parts, laminated plywood, edge banding, hardware.
Wall Leaning Against Wall, 2013 by Gergo Szinyova. Gips carton, aluminium, steel, acrylic, airbrush.


Collected and edited by Maderapatio

Entities covered by their own water trails.


Bourj III, 2011 by Mona Hatoum.
Piero Fornasetti & Giò Ponti.
12346, not 5, 2013 by Philipp Timischl.
Untitled, 2012 (installation view @ Palazzo Grassi) by Rudolf Stingel.
Juliana and Rolf by Studio Rolf.
Juxtapose by Daniel Schwarz.
Emotions Contained, 1995 by Marie-Ange Guilleminot.
Dave Hardy, 2012 by Dave Hardy. Glass, polyurethane foam, pretzel rod, pencils, cement, ink, paint, tape.
Tridacna squamosa shell carved with a human head on the apex and two incised winged sphinxes, the shell served as a container for cosmetics. C.700BC Vulci, Tuscany British Museum.
Limestone votive relief of eyes and a mouth, Cypriot, 4th or 3rd century BCE.
Hexagonal Mirror by Anish Kapoor.
Necklace, 1990 by Hermann Jünger.


Collected and edited by Maderapatio

Clouding of the lens, beautiful cataracts.